Article 32.07 Family Responsibility

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The following are the guidelines agreed upon by the parties re the operational requirements of Article 32.07.

Article 32.07: “Effective September 1, 2014, a teacher while employed as a full-time teacher in the public schools of New Brunswick may be granted one (1) day’s leave with pay per school year for family responsibility reasons. Such paid leave shall not be granted to extend a vacation or holiday period, and this leave shall be subject to operational requirements.”

  • This leave is for the use of all schedule “B” full time teachers (1.0 FTE).
  • Teachers who are on a deferred leave or preretirement leave can access this as long as they are a 1.0 FTE B teacher.
  • Teachers are entitled to one full day or two half days per year. Leave under this Article does not accumulate if not used during a particular school year.
  • Teachers are not permitted to take this leave on days where Professional Development has been planned or Parent Teacher Interviews have been scheduled.
  • Leave under this Article is not to be used to extend a vacation or holiday period; however it can be used following a leave with or without pay. Leave without pay remains at the discretion of the Employer.
  • Whenever possible, teachers should give at least three days notice when requesting this leave.
  • The Employer will exercise discretion in deciding who is approved if a number of teachers in the same school request the same day.

Teachers who are requesting this leave are not required to provide a reason as to why they are making the request, but simply state that they are requesting it under Article 32.07.

NOTE: Teachers on leave as per Article 32.07 on a day where school is closed as per Article 16.02(a) (inclement weather) will be considered as having used their day for that year.

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