Call for Visual Artists

Prix WN Award

The New Brunswick Teachers’ Federation invites New Brunswick artists to submit an original works proposal for the Wayne-Nightingale Achievement Award.

Project Presentation

The objective of this project is to provide the NBTF with a series of five original works with the theme of the nightingale to be presented as a gift on a five-year period during honorary ceremonies aiming at recognizing and paying tribute to individuals who have demonstrated exceptional contribution and dedication to the Federation.

More specifically, the works must:

  • Represent one or more nightingales
  • Be designed for wall-mounting — Ready to be hung up
  • Establish a five-phase temporal continuity  
  • Evoke, as much as possible, public education values
  • Emphasize the professional aspect of the NBTF (a Union of professionals)

The choice of materials and techniques used are left to the discretion of the artist.

Proposal and Guidelines

Any professional artist interested in submitting a project proposal accepts the following procedure and follow the steps listed below.

The complete proposal, which will be presented to the jury, must include:

  • The identification form duly completed (see identification form below)
  • A résumé and a portfolio (if available)
  • A sketch of the works proposed
  • A detailed description of the works
  • A summary of the philosophy behind the works
The jury, made up of NBTF Executive committee members and teachers of visual arts, will select from among the projects submitted the series of works in accordance with the criteria listed in the Annex.
The NBTF reserves the right not to select any of the projects submitted. The NBTF is the sole judge and the artists don’t have any recourse.
The project selection will be made in March 2020 and the artist will have two months to complete his five works.

Realization of Work

A sum of 4 999 $ is allocated for the realization of the five works, including transportation and all applicable taxes. The fees will be paid in three instalments:

  • At the time of the signing of an agreement with the artist (50%)
  • When the works will be half completed (25%)
  • Upon receipt of the works (25%)

The artist shall retain the copyright of the works, but agrees to assign ownership and distribution rights to the NBTF, allowing it to reproduce the work without receiving any form of royalty, provided that the objective is not lucrative and commercial.

The artist will be invited to present, in collaboration with the NBTF, his series of five works during the Wayne-Nightingale Award of Merit ceremony to be held April 9, 2021. An explanatory card will also accompany each work.


The deadline for the proposal is March 1, 2020.
Late or incomplete proposals will not be accepted.

Additional Information

Mission of the NBTF

The NBTF is dedicated to advise and assist its members, and to protect the working conditions of the teaching profession by negotiating improvements to teachers’ social and economical well-being.

Who is Wayne Nightingale?

A teacher by profession and an experienced musician, he has distinguished himself by his exceptional career at the NBTF. First Executive Director of the NBTF, for more than 36 years, Mr. Nightingale was a negotiator and an exemplary defender of the rights and working conditions of French and English teachers in New Brunswick. His work and his outstanding contribution in the union movement have been recognized by the Canadian Teachers’ Federation and the New Brunswick Labour and Employment Board. Wayne Nightingale died on December 1st,  2012. 

You can submit your proposal online (see form below) or by mail or email at:

The New Brunswick Teachers Federation
650 Montgomery Street
P.O. Box 1535
Fredericton, NB  E3B 5G2

For more information, please contact:

Geneviève Mélançon
506-452-1765 or 1-888-679-7044

Assessment Criteria

To view the assessment grid, please click here.