Important Information that Require Teachersʼ Attention

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Article 52 – Recognition of Experience for Salary Purposes

Article 52 of the Collective Agreement provides for the recognition of experience for salary purposes as a non-licensed supply teacher. Previously, only service as a licensed substitute teacher was recognized. Article 52.04(b) states that a teacher who may be impacted by this amendment must make a written request to his/her school while providing a record of such experience. Any salary adjustment resulting from this request will be retroactive to the date that the Employer received the written request.

Teachers should also be aware that Article 52 provides guidelines to have prior experience recognized. Under Article 52.05, credit for completing another full year of teaching service shall be received upon having accumulated 195 teaching days. Recognition of service for salary purpose shall be made for paid or unpaid maternity leave, parental leave, adoption leave, paternity leave or any leave in application of Article 39.03.

Article 33(A)04 – Fathers Wishing to Take Paternity Leave

Under Article 33(A)04, a male teacher shall be granted five (5) teaching days leave with pay on the occasion of the birth of his child. The parties have agreed that the five (5) consecutive teaching days must be taken within twenty-one (21) calendar days of the days of the date of birth of his child. Natural fathers who plan to take advantage of such a leave, must advise the school district.

Fathers (natural or adopting) are also entitled to parental leave benefits from Unemployment insurance. Indeed, 35 weeks of parental benefits are provided and can be shared with the mother. Therefore, should fathers also intend to take parental leave, they must advise the school district in writing four (4) weeks prior to the commencement of the leave indicating the commencement date and duration of the leave. The NBTF administrative staff is available to provide further information related to this article.

Credits for Sick Leave Benefits and Recognition of Prior Service

Under Article 31.02, if a teacher under contract in a given School District becomes employed in another School District, this teacher shall be credited with all his/her previously accumulated sick leave provided for in Article 31.01 (15 days per school year). Teachers who are in this situation should make sure that their file is updated at their new School District.

Also, under Article 53,01, all teaching service under contract with a School District in New Brunswick is credited for seniority purposes with that District. Furthermore, should a teacher accept a position in another district, under Article 53.04, all prior teaching service under contract with any School District in New Brunswick recognized for seniority purposes by his/her present School District.

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