Johnson’s Reopening

Johnson is pleased to announce that their Fredericton claims office has re-opened to our members.  As part of Johnson’s gradual re-opening plan, they are starting with the ability to drop off your health and/or dental claims in person at the office from 08:30-4:30.

The drop-off process is as follows:  Following the NBTF building safety regulations, community masks and sign in for contact tracing is required upon entry. You must enter through the boardroom to the right of Johnson’s entry door and please respect proper social distancing, as indicated on the floor. Once you reach the entrance close to the reception desk, please wait to be called to the desk. Keeping everyone’s safety in mind, they will only serve one member at a time. Once your claim form is completed and reviewed by the receptionist for accuracy, please exit through the main entrance glass door. Your claim will be processed after you leave and the proper reimbursement will made by direct deposit or a cheque will be mailed to you.  Follow the arrows on the floor to exit the building.

Most of Johnson’s staff continue to provide service to members from home, by phone conversations and email. The quickest way to reach them is by using the following contact information:

Members Only Website:
Health and Dental Claims email address:
Health and Dental Claims phone numbers:   506-454-4654 or 1-800-442-4428
Home and Auto Insurance phone number: 1-888-737-1689
Administration email address:
Administration phone numbers:  506-458-1981 or 1-888-851-5500
Consulting email address:
Consulting phone number: 506-462-0024 or 1-800-577-5933

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding during these unprecedented times.

Dale A. Weldon BBA

Senior Consultant