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If a teacher is absent for a certain period of time, is it necessary to leave detailed lesson plans for the supply teacher for each day of absence?

Article 61.11 of the Collective Agreement states the following: “Supply teachers will be expected to fulfill the same responsibilities, perform the same duties and carry out the same teaching assignments as the teachers whom they are replacing.” Therefore, it is reasonable to expect supply teachers to be responsible for the preparation and assessment of courses during an extended absence. In general, it has been agreed that teachers must submit lesson plans for the first two days of absence and leave their unit or long-term plans as well as curriculum documents to guide the supply teachers in their preparation for the subsequent days. The goal is to ensure continuous quality education. The teacher on leave should not be responsible for planning and preparing beyond these first two days.

To prevent teachers from having to prepare when they are not able to accomplish the task, it is recommended that every teacher prepare an emergency kit at the beginning of the school year or semester, which could include educational activities to be covered during the first days of their absence, a class list, a schedule of the day/week including duty, information on students with special needs including medical needs, name of educational assistants and their duties, a list of additional resources that the supply may use for additional activities, names of teachers who may be able to provide help when needed, etc.

Other Frequently Asked Questions related to supply teachers:

  • May we ask a supply teacher to cover a class of another teacher during his/her preparation period or to do another teacher’s duty?
    Answer: Yes, as with any other teacher, we can ask them. However, it is left solely to the supply teacher’s discretion to accept or refuse, unless it is an emergency situation.
  • Is a supply teacher required to attend PLC and staff meetings?
    Answer: Yes, supply teachers may be required to attend PLC and staff meetings. However, this requirement may vary depending on the length of their assignment. Day-to-day supply teachers should check with the school principal while a long-term supply teacher would be expected to attend these meetings.
  • Must teachers leave their laptop and password with the supply teacher?
    Answer: No, teachers should never share their laptop nor their password with anyone.

For other questions related to this subject, please contact a Federation staff officer at (506) 452-1736 or toll-free number 1-888-679-7044. Lesson Plans for Supply Teachers.

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Focus Express – Lesson Plans for Supply Teachers

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