Maternity, Paternity and Parental Leave Form

  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
    Teachers who submit a maternity leave form must abide by the return date indicated on the form; therefore, are not able to return before the date indicated on the form (unless the employer and the teacher agree). If you are not certain of your return date to work, you should indicate that you will be returning earlier rather than later. While it is possible to prolong a leave, it is not possible to shorten it.


Thank you for submitting a request for a Maternity Leave Form . A Federation staff officer will process an official form with the information you have provided and have a copy delivered to you, to the district and to Johnson Insurance by e-mail, two months prior to your last day of work. In turn, the district will forward a Record of Employment directly to EI. Teachers will then need to contact Johnson Insurance (1-800-442-4428) and make arrangements for payment of their premiums while they are on unpaid leave. It is important to note that any changes to the information submitted and used to complete this form should be provided to the NBTF. A revised Maternity Leave Form will then be processed.

Teachers are entitled to 6 weeks of benefits (30 days) of full pay from their district, 15 weeks of maternity leave from EI and 35 weeks of parental leave from EI. The dates these benefits are to be paid will be indicated on the Maternity Leave Form. At this time, the rate paid to teachers by EI is $543 a week.

Teachers are requested to file for EI benefits in person at their local HRDC Service Canada office or online. However, it is important to open your claim on the date indicated on the form provided by the NBTF or risk loosing out on weeks of EI benefits.

Unless an agreement is reached with the district, Shedule D contract teachers are to collect their 6 weeks (30 days) of benefits from the district before their contract expires in June.

If you encounter issues with your EI claim, you should sign the Maternity Leave Form and return it ASAP to the NBTF who will contact EI on your behalf. Should you decide to contact EI yourself, please understand that the person responding to your questions is not familiar with the NB Teachers’ Collective Agreement. Therefore, the answers provided by the EI officer may not apply to you.

As pregnancies are unpredictable, you may need to leave work prior to the date indicated on your form. Should this be the case, please call the NBTF who will provide you with options as to how to benefit from further paid leave.

You are reminded that the NBTF staff is available to answer any questions related to this issue. Please call Josée Gionet at 452-1736 or Liette Savoy at 452-8921.