NBTF Board Highlights – February 2019

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// Board of Directors Meeting Highlights – February 15, 2019

The New Brunswick Teachers’ Federation has prepared this highlights document for the Board of Directors meeting of February 15, 2019, to assist in the reporting back to branches.

Reminder: Please take a few minutes to complete the meeting evaluation survey.

// Information

Meeting with Superintendents

The Next meeting with the seven Superintendents in the province is scheduled for February 19, 2019. This meeting will continue to focus on the process for Policy 701 Investigations and communications between Districts, Department and the Federation. It is the hope of the NBTF that these meetings become a yearly event.

Auditor General’s Report – EECD Recommendations

While the report was not reviewed in detail during the meeting, it is felt that this report will be an important reference document during the next round of bargaining.

Proposed NBTF Budget for 2019-2020

The NBTF Finance Committee prepared the proposed budget, which is to be presented and reviewed at Branch meetings prior to the next Board meeting in April. The required documentation for branch presentations is now available for Board members.

Additional 196 FTEs as a result of K-2 Research Project ( Additional 60 minutes)

In accordance with the letter of agreement, EECD shall demonstrate by the 1st of February of each year where and how the additional FTEs have been assigned to schools. The information was received by the required date. A general overview of the information was shared with the Board of Directors, and more details will be given after the NBTF has had the opportunity to review the documentation in detail.

// Presentations

Privacy of Personal Information – EECD

The Policy and Planning Branch from the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development presented an overview of the current legislation and answered questions as to how this relates to the everyday application by teachers in schools.

Pension Plan – Vestcor

Mr. John Sinclair, CEO of Vestcor, presented to the NBTF Board for the first time since the creation of Vestcor Inc. He focused on the structure of the organization, the returns on investments and the administrative costs of the plan.

// Committees Updates

Items were deferred to the next meeting.

// Members Concerns

It should be noted that many of the items referred from members concerns have been referred to the Internal Committee as discussed during the meeting.

“D” Contracts Allocation

Members had a number of questions concerning the allocation of “D” contracts in districts. The NBTF has asked that teachers that have any questions regarding the awarding of “ D” contracts their Federation representative.

EAs – Rotation and Changes

Teachers have a number of concerns about the constant movement of Educational Assistants and the retraining of new people in their classroom. It was explained that a lot of the concerns are related to negotiated benefits in the CUPE 2745 Collective Agreement. The NBTF would ask that teacher with concerns contact their Federation’s representative.

Lunch Time

The lunch period is a time for teachers to have lunch and they are not required to have students in their classrooms (unless on duty) or attend meetings during that time.

Denial of Family Responsibility Day

These leaves are approved at the discretion of the Superintendent and based on the operational requirements of the School District. It should be noted that once a family day has been granted it cannot be cancelled by the employer. The NBTF would caution teachers about making arrangements, purchasing tickets or making reservations prior to having received District approval. In the event the district is taking a long time in making a decision, we suggest you contact your NBTF staff representative to discuss options.

Bed Bugs Issue

The NBTF will follow up with the District regarding these concerns and, if necessary, the Department of Health.

// Motion Passed

Internal Committee to develop a Strategic Plan and and concrete and vial solutions to solve problems related to:

  • Inclusive education and classroom composition;
  • Integrated Services Delivery (ISD);
  • The challenging work conditions related to inclusive education (allocation of staff, resources, health and safety, etc.);
  • The welcoming and support of new comers (additional staff, preparation time, workload etc.);
  • The support for teachers responsible for welcoming and integrating newcomers;
  • The recruitment, welcoming and retention of teachers.

This committee will report to the NBTF Board in April 2019.

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