NBTF Board Highlights – October 2018

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// Board of Directors Meeting Highlights – October 2018

The New Brunswick Teachers’ Federation has prepared this highlights document for the Board of Directors meeting on October 19, 2018, to assist in the reporting back to branches.

// Administration

Lockdown Procedures

The Federation has developed lockdown procedures in the event that a visitor poses a threat to the safety and well-being of people in the building. These procedures will be added to the NBTF’s emergency protocol.

// Business Arising

Additional FTEs to February 1st

During the last round of bargaining, the parties signed a letter of agreement in which the employer agreed to fund the equivalent of 196 additional school based FTEs. In addition, the Employer has agreed to demonstrate to the NBTF by February 1st of each year where and how these additional positions have been assigned in the schools. The NBTF met with the EECD and the Treasury Board in order to share its expectations regarding the report.

// Information


The NBTF continues to develop initiatives to better inform its members and enhance the value of the teaching profession. Among other things, we will continue to send newsletters to all members, keep the website up-to-date, and publish on social media.

Atlantic Trustees Conference

The Federation hosted the Atlantic Trustees’ Conference on October 14-15, 2018. This conference is an opportunity for the Trustees in the Atlantic Provinces to discuss the current status of their respective group insurance plans and the benefits that are offered. The trustees have also received training on current topics in order to be better equipped to represent the interests of all plan members.

Violent Incident Report

The NBTF presented recent statistics on violent incidents reports received in recent years. To keep these statistics up-to-date, the NBTF asks all teachers to take a few minutes to complete the form, available on the NBTF website, every time such incident occurs. A reminder will be sent to all members in the NBTF October’s Newsletter.

Pension Plan

The NBTPP Trustees meet four times a year. In the fall, a newsletter was sent by email to all teachers. The pension plan is in a very strong financial position at a funding level of 105%. All financial information can be found on their website at

// Committees Updates

Research Project K-2

Seventeen schools (10 Anglophone, 7 Francophone) were selected to be part of the research project extending the instructional hours by 60 minutes per day at the K-2 levels. The next Committee meeting will be held on October 30, and will discuss data collection tools, common messages, guidelines for the final report and a communication plan. A meeting with the research schools is scheduled for November 27, 2018.

To protect the integrity of the research associated with this unique project, the joint committee invites anyone with concerns or comments regarding the realities in the selected K-2 schools to share them directly with the Joint Committee. This can be done by contacting Nicole LeBlanc, Co-Chair of the Committee, by phone at 506-452-1768 or by email at

Evaluation Process for School Administrators – Article 29

A committee composed of representatives from the NBTF, NBTA, AEFNB, EECD and Treasury Board has developed an evaluation process for the renewal or non-renewal of a 5-year term for a Principal or a Vice-Principal. The parties have agreed on the process which is currently being implemented. Additional information will be found in the NBTF’s October Newsletter.

// Members Concerns

Family Responsibility Day Refusals

These leaves are subject to operational requirements and are approved by the district. The Federation advises teachers not to make any arrangements, purchase airline tickets or make reservations until they have received approval from the districts. Any concerns with regards to the allocation of this day should be brought to the attention of the NBTF.

// Required Decisions

NBTF Auditor’s Report

The NBTF Board of Directors approved the auditor’s report for the 2017-18 fiscal year. Greg Mercer, Chartered Accountant with Nicholson & Beaumont, was onsite to explain the financial statements. According to the data presented, the NBTF is in a very strong financial position.

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