NBTF Board of Directors Names Official Spokesperson

Kerry Lowres

At its regular meeting in February, 2011, the Federation Board of Directors unanimously approved the appointment of Kerry Leopkey as the Federationʼs Official Spokesperson for collective bargaining / negotiations.

Kerry is a licensed teacher who had previously served as Assistant Director of Human Resources at the Department of Education since 2004. During that period, Kerry was intricately involved in representing the Department of Education in the application, interpretation and negotiation of teachersʼ Collective Agreement. Kerry was also part of the negotiation team for the Department of Education during the last rounds of bargaining.

In addition to his bargaining experience, Kerry has provided labour relation guidance and advice to both Anglophone and Francophone school districts in grievance handling and managing complaints involving human rights, workplace harassment and Policy 701. Kerry has a strong background and work experience in the field of labour relations and human resource management. Recently, Kerry has successfully completed a Certificate in Negotiation Skills at Queenʼs University in Kingston, On. Kerry has been part of the NBTF Administrative staff since August 17, 2009, and has been working closely with teachers on issues related to their working conditions.

During this same meeting, the Federation Board of Directors also appointed Marilyn Boudreau on the negotiation team for the next round of bargaining. Marilyn, who has been with the NBTF since 2002, is also a licensed teacher and holds a certificate in Labour Relations and another in Negotiation Skills from Queenʼs University.

Marilyn has been part of the NBTF Strategies Committee for the last two rounds of bargaining, and has been at the table on occasions. Marilyn has worked side by side with Kevin Sheehan during the last two rounds and is pleased to act in that capacity again assisting Kerry Leopkey in his new responsibilities.




At this time, and on behalf of all the teachers in New Brunswick, the Federation Board of Directors would like to express its sincere gratitude to Kevin Sheehan who has done an amazing job in representing the interests of teachers in this province during the last three rounds of bargaining.




The teachersʼ Collective Agreement will expire in February 2012. At this time, the Federation Board of Directors is examining its policies in order to prepare its strategies. Teachers should make an effort to attend all branch meetings and visit the Federation Member Only web site regularly to access information pertaining to negotiations.

Teachers who are in need of information on their working conditions are invited to communicate with a member of the Federation administrative staff at any time. Teachers are also reminded that all communications with the Federation are confidential.

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