NBTF Group Insurance Trustees

Welcome to Your Group Benefits Program

As a valued member, you are entitled to the medical and financial security of your Group Benefit Program, provided by Trustees of the New Brunswick Teachers’ Federation Group Insurance Trust Fund in partnership with Johnson Inc.

This Benefit Booklet has been specifically designed with your needs in mind, providing easy access to the information you need about the benefits to which you are entitled.

Group Benefits are important, not only for the financial assistance they provide, but also for the security they provide for you and your family, especially in case of unforeseen needs.

Johnson Inc. can answer any questions you may have about your benefits, or how to submit a claim. 

Johnson's Members Only Website

(For assistance with your username and password registration, please contact Johnson at 1-833-749-1324 or email at digitalsupport@johnson.ca.)

Please view the instructional video aside created by Johnson to help you get more familiar with the online claims process. It shows how to access the portal and how to submit a claim.

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Health Challenge Winners



Dec. 2020 – Alicia Donova (main prize), Sylvie Gallant and April Morrison (draws)
March 2021 – Jennifer Butler (main prize), Dara Harris, Lise Martin-Keilty and Nicole Chaisson (draws)
May 2021 – Martine Dionne (main prize), Mathieu Martin and Julija Rans (draws)



Oct. 2018 – Mental Health (Kobo Aura): Vanessa Cuzner
Dec. 2018 – Nutrition (NutriBullet Pro): Marie-Hélène Cormier
Feb. 2019 – Cancer Prevention (Skin Care Basket): Iona Brown
April 2019 – Get Active (Fitbit Inspire): Guylaine Gagnon Losier
Oct. 2019 – My Healthy Routine (3-Month Gym Membership): Nathalie Paquet
Dec. 2019 – Brain Health Conscious (Box of Board and Logic Games): Mélanie Aubé
Feb. 2020 – Winterly Healthy (Gift Card): Rosalyn Nickerson