NBTF Newsletter – January 2021

Newsletter Jan2021

// Leaves Related to COVID-19

The NBTF and the employer agreed on the type of leaves and benefits related to COVID-19 situations. Please review the following guidelines:
Leaves and Benefits Related to COVID-19 Situations

If you have questions or concerns on this topic, please contact the NBTF Labour Relations Officer assigned to your district at 1-888-679-7044.

// New Staff at the NBTF

The NBTF is pleased to welcome three new employees who began their fonctions in January.

Mr. Barry Snider will act as Labour Relations Officer in the absence of Ms. Monique Caissie.

Barry Snider has been an educator in New Brunswick for the past 25 years. He has been an administrator for 13 of those, with the last 9 as Principal at Riverside Consolidated School.

Barry has devoted many years volunteering for his professional organization, holding a variety of positions on various committees with both NBTA and NBTF, including the Board of Directors, Executive Committee and most recently Vice-President of the NBTA.

Barry lives in Hillsborough with his wife and two children, where he has served his community in municipal politics for the past 9 years and currently sits as Mayor of his village.

Barry is extremely excited to take on this new role with the New Brunswick Teachers Federation.

Barry Snider

Barry Snider

Acting Labour Relations Officer

• Contact person for all teachers in Anglophone West, Anglophone North and Anglophone South

T. 506-452-1762


In addition, we would like to thank Amy Gow and Sasha Robitaille for accepting to provide administrative services to the NBTF team on a temporary basis, until both positions are filled permanently. 

A warm welcome to our three new employees!

Amy Gow

Amy Gow

Bilingual Executive Assistant

T. 506-452-1736

Sasha Robitaille

Sasha Robitaille

Administrative Assistant / Receptionist

T. 506-452-8921

//  If Named in a Formal Complaint

There are times when the Employer may request a teacher to meet and answer questions, either with staff or a third-party investigator. Examples are investigations under Policy 701 or the Respectful Workplace Policy.  

Every investigation is different, and no single set of rules or tips applies to all situations. However, there are some general concepts that NBTF members should remember whether you or someone else is the focus of an investigation. 

Firstly, that the interview itself is not a form of discipline.  

Also, a reassignment with pay is not disciplinary. If you, or a member you know has been reassigned home with pay, that simply means that the employer wants to protect the integrity of the process surrounding an incident before placing a teacher back into the workplace.
Finally, if you are in a situation where the employer wants to investigate your conduct, you are entitled to be represented by the NBTF and you should take advantage of that.

If you have any questions or are named in a formal complaint, please contact the NBTF Labour Relations Officer assigned to your district at 1-888-679-7044.

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