Newsletter – May 2018

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Articles 36.12 and 36.13 Report Card Days and Turn-Around Days

All K–8 teachers are now entitled to one (1) day (or two half-days) free of instruction and supervision per school year for the preparation of report cards and all 9–12 teachers are entitled to two (2) days free of instruction and supervision between semesters. The parties recently agreed that if the school is closed pursuant to article 16.02 (a) or (c) during one of these days (or applicable half-days), the day will not be lost and shall be replaced at a later date within the school year.

Family Day vs. Operational Needs

The NBTF has received many questions regarding family day. It should be remembered that this day is offered only to full-time teaching staff with a B contract.

Some family days have been denied by districts due to a shortage of substitute teachers. These days are subject to the employer being able to meet their operational needs and can be refused. We advise teaching staff to plan and request this day well in advance to reduce the chances of being denied. Once a family day is approved by the district, it cannot be cancelled.

Policy 322 (Inclusive Education) vs. Policy 703 (Positive Learning Environment)

The NBTF has been notified that confusion exists regarding the application of policies 322 and 703. Some rumours go as far as stating that policy 322 has precedence over policy 703. It should be clarified that both policies are equally important and must be applied together. For all questions and concerns regarding these policies, contact the Federation at 1-888-679-7044.

Upcoming Newsletters: The NBTF Is Looking for Topics

The NBTF is planning to issue a monthly newsletter in the coming year to answer frequently asked questions by our members and to keep you informed about a wide range of newsworthy topics. We would like to know what interests you and what affects New Brunswick teachers on a daily basis. Email us your thoughts at

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