Newsletter – November 2018 (NBTA)

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// FAQ for Supply Teachers

The Federation regularly receives questions related to supply teachers working conditions and …

  • Should long-term supply teacher salaries be the same daily rate as a regular teacher (B contract);
  • What consists of a half-day of supply;
  • Are supply teachers paid for storm days;
  • Can they cancel my supply day the morning of the assignment (before I arrive at school)?

To get answers to these questions and more, please click here.

// Supply Days for Retired Teachers

The teachers’ pension plan previously limited the number of supply days to 80 per school year for retired teachers before there was an impact on their pension. Due to the lack of supply teachers in the province of New Brunswick, the Employer made a request to the New Brunswick Teachers’ Federation to suspend this limitation for a period of two years. The NBTF’s Board of Director approved the request. Therefore, retired teachers can now replace absent teachers for an unlimited number of days without affecting their pension unless employed under contract.

The NBTF would like to remind its members that the normal order of calling  substitute teachers as per the Collective Agreement continues to apply. Certified supply teachers must have priority over retired teachers and local permits.

Should you have any questions about your specific situation, please do not hesitate to contact the Federation at 1-888-679-7044.

// Parental Leave

Having a baby?

For contract B, C, D and E teachers:

  • The employer pays leave of thirty (30) teaching days at full pay.
  • Employment Insurance (EI) pays 15 weeks of maternity leave benefits. These weeks must be taken within 17 weeks of the birth of the child. (Only birth mom can take this leave.)
  • EI pays 35 weeks – 61 weeks of parental leave benefits. (Available to both parents, can be shared, decision must be made prior to the start of the parental in regards to 12 or 18 months.  In the case of the 18 months option, there are no additional funds, the same amount of money is simply spread over a longer timeframe. Once you have started either option, you cannot change your mind.)

On the occasion of the birth of his child, a male teacher shall be granted on request leave with pay for five (5) consecutive working days which must be taken within twenty-one (21) calendar days of the date of birth of his child.

For supply teachers, the Employment Insurance benefits (maternity and parental) apply, but not the 5 or 30 days.

In order to qualify for EI benefits, you must have worked 600 hours, which is 75 full teaching days. There is also a one (1) week waiting period. (It used to be 2 weeks.)

For more information related to maternity, adoption and parental leaves, please click here.

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