The New Brunswick Teachers' Pension Plan (NBTPP)

The primary purpose of the New Brunswick Teachers’ Pension Plan (NBTPP) is to provide secure pensions to Teachers upon retirement and until death (including subsequent benefits to their spouse and eligible dependents as applicable) in respect of their service as teachers. Since 2014, the pension plan is managed by a Board of Trustees. The Board is responsible for the overall administration of the NBTPP, including oversight of the investments.

Vestcor Fr

The Vestcor Investment Management Corporation (VIMC), formerly the New Brunswick Investment Management Corporation (NBIMC), provides investment management and advisory services to public sector-based pension funds and other pools of investment capital. The transition to VIMC took place on October 1, 2016 under the Vestcor Act by the Province of New Brunswick.

The New Brunswick Teachers’ Federation is responsible for pension services, although the Associations have appointed members of their respective staff to work in this area.

For teachers of the NBTA who need information regarding their pension fund, please contact :


Michael Butler
T. 506-452-1722
Toll free 1-888-679-7044