As you may be aware, Canada Post is notifying customers of a possible labour disruption that could impact mail delivery.

You may be wondering how this will impact Health and Dental claims submission and payment.  The best way for you to ensure the strike has no effect is to use Johnson’s online claims submission and direct deposit procedure.

The process is simple to submit your claim online.  Visit, log into the Members’ Only section, select “Claim Forms”, and follow the instructions.  Johnson requires a void cheque to set up direct deposit of your reimbursement.  For assistance or any other inquiries, contact the claims department at 1-800-442-4428.

If you are paying group insurance premiums by mailing cheques to Johnson, you can deposit them at any Scotiabank branch by bringing your cheque payment in an envelope addressed to Johnson Inc. c/o Scotiabank – transit number 50013.  Please reference your name, the ID number on your Johnson Inc. card and NBTF.  If you have any additional inquiries for Johnson’s administration department, contact them at 1-888-851-5500.  

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