Press Release – Needs and Commitments of Public Education System Outweigh Resources

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// Needs and Commitments of Public Education System Outweigh Resources

(NBTF Communication Services – Fredericton) The Co-Presidents of the New Brunswick Teachers’ Federation hope that the upcoming education summit will lead to changes that will help address the needs of students in our public education system.

There are enormous challenges in the system and teachers are working extremely hard to meet the complex needs of students. There are many successes, but overall, the system does not possess the resources to match the commitments.

A positive classroom learning environment must be a priority. “All students, from every level of ability, should have right to learn in a safe classroom, free from continual upheavals and disturbances. We don’t believe that EECD Policy 703, which is supposed to guarantee this, has been applied as rigidly as it should be,” said NBTF Co-President Rick Cuming.

“We hope that the Minister will continue to listen to teachers, and the teacher organizations which speak for them collectively and publicly,” said NBTF Co-President Gerald Arseneault. “Frontline teachers know what is going on and what is needed to help all students reach their full potential. They need to know that their voice “within” the system is being heard.”

We certainly understand the challenges faced by districts. The needs continue to grow and there are many students who require supports related to mental and physical health, behavior, safety, and a variety of other needs.

The NBTF is dedicated to advise and assist its members, and to protect the working conditions of the teaching profession by negotiating improvements to teachers’ social and economical well-being.

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Media Relations Department

Blake Robichaud
Communications and Research Director – NBTA

Sylvain Lavoie
Directeur des communications stratégiques et des affaires publiques – AEFNB
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