Respectful Workplace Policy and Training

This policy has been developed to reflect our values and because we want your working experience at New Brunswick Teacher’s Federation (NBTF) to be positive and rewarding. We are committed to creating a respectful workplace free from intimidation, abuse of power, and harassment.

The values of NBTF uphold the practice of respect, fairness and courtesy, and the importance of demonstrating human dignity within professional relationships. These values are also core components of a fair, supportive and ethical workplace as envisaged by the NBTF.

The organizational culture has an influence on how colleagues interact with one another and should therefore promote awareness and practice of good communication and effective interpersonal skills. The ongoing effort to demonstrate respect is everyone’s personal responsibility.

There will be occasional instances of conduct that are incompatible with NBTF’s values where a formal complaint is necessary, as per this policy. That said, where a matter arises and if deemed appropriate, NBTF will explore different means of conflict resolution before proceeding with the formal procedure provided in this policy, but ultimately should there be no possible alternatives, the complainant or the NBTF may insist on proceeding with the formal complaint process.

Every employee is entitled to a workplace free of prohibited behaviours, as defined herein, and the NBTF is committed to uphold that principle and to act appropriately and accordingly, as established by this policy. Furthermore, this policy complies with and exceeds the requirements for a code of practice for prevention of harassment under Regulation 91-191 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

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