Trustees’ Newsletter – December 2020

Trustees Dec2020

My strategy for a better overall health

(By Alicia Donovan, ASD-South)

Simple! Using the doorways to breathe!

To help support mental health throughout the day, I hit my refresh button when I pass through a door way. Doorways are actually linked to mental phenomena such as forgetting what you were just thinking. I use this to my advantage by pausing, taking a deep breath and leaving what just happened in the classroom, in the classroom.

I also do this when I arrive home: I deep breathe at my entrance way and leave the work day behind me, allowing me to be fully present when I am with family or friends (and vice versa, when I arrive to school).


Congratulations to Alicia Donovan who shared her strategy for a better overall health! She will be receiving a $150 gift card.

Congratulations to Sylvie Gallant and April Morrison who both won a $75 gift card during the October and November draws.

If you have strategies to improve your health and would like to share them in this newsletter, you can submit a testimonial. If your testimonial is selected, you will win a $150 gift card. In addition, a draw for a $75 gift card will be held each month from October to April among all the testimonials received.

Basic and Voluntary
Accidental Death and Dismemberment

Guaranteed Acceptance – Coverage is provided regardless of your health history.
24/7 Worldwide Coverage – Your coverage is in force around-the-clock—at work, at home or at play, anywhere in the world.
Basic Accident Insurance
You are automatically covered if you are an active member of the policyholder, under the age of 75. You are insured for an amount of $50,000.
Voluntary Accidental Insurance
You choose a principal sum amount for yourself and your eligible dependents, which is set out on your application to enroll. You are eligible to enroll if you belong to one of the following classes:

  • Class I: All active and retired members of the policyholder, under the age of 75.
  • Class II: All Class I Members, their spouses and eligible dependent children. 

For a principal amount of:

  • Class I & II: a minimum of $10,000 and a maximum of $500,000 in units of $10,000.

If the insured member enrolls for family coverage and the insured has:

  1. a spouse only with no dependent children, the spouse’s principal sum is 60% of the insured member’s principal sum; or
  2. a spouse with dependent children, the spouse’s principal sum is 50% of the insured member’s principal sum and each dependent child’s principal sum is 15% of the insured member’s principal sum;
  3. dependent children with no spouse, each dependent child’s principal sum is 20% of the insured member’s principal sum.

Johnson Insurance

As you know, the COVID-19 pandemic has been a difficult time for most people and many aspects of each other’s lives have been impacted.

Johnson has certainly been impacted as well. The Fredericton office was closed until September, with all staff working from home and has re-opened for claims drop off only on a temporary basis. Currently, we are the only Johnson’s office in Canada to be open. The majority of our staff are still working from home to provide the highest level of service possible during these challenging times.

We are processing claims that are sent to us, either by mail or electronically, within seven business days, which is slightly higher than our usual five-day turnaround. If you haven’t already done so, we urge you to sign up for direct deposit to eliminate delays due to cheques being sent by mail. You can contact the Claims office to implement this method of reimbursement. 

Johnson is always there to answer your questions or concerns. To contact us, please use the following contact information:

Johnsoncontact En
Christmas Decorations And A Medical Mask Hang On A Decorative Ribbon On A Colored Background. Quarantine Concept For The New Year

Happy Holidays!

The NBTF Group Insurance Trustees
wish you and your family a peaceful
and healthy Christmas.
Best wishes for 2021!

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