Trustees’ Newsletter – March 2021

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(By Jennifer Butler, ASD-South)

My most beneficial mental health strategy this year has been reaching out! My greatest strength is my support system, both at work and at home.

When I’m worried about work issues I reach out to coworkers, administration or leads. More casually, I chat with work friends (socially distanced and masked up of course) about what is happening. More often than not, they are experiencing the same and we can talk it through together. I’m forever grateful to my amazing team at work for talking me through it all (and hugging when we are allowed).

An occasional chocolate never hurts, either.

Congratulations to Jennifer Butler who shared her strategy for a better overall health! She will be receiving a $150 gift card.
Congratulations to Dara Harris, Lise Martin-Keilty and Nicole Chaisson who won a $75 gift card during the December, January and February draws.
If you have strategies to improve your health and would like to share them in this newsletter, you can submit a testimonial. If your testimonial is selected, you will win a $150 gift card. In addition, a draw for a $75 gift card will be held each month from October to April among all the testimonials received.


Johnson Inc. is pleased to announce the upcoming launch of a new portal that will allow you to submit your medical or dental claims more efficiently online.
If you are currently using the members-only portal for online claims submission, you will receive an email this month explaining the process for the new system. The digital portal will allow claims to be processed instantly. You will immediately know the amount that will be reimbursed (within the limits of each policy and the eligibility requirements of the contract) and the amount will be deposited to your account within 24 to 48 hours.
Many members are still mailing in their claims and will be able to continue to do so. It is important to note that delays at Canada Post can cause a significant delay in processing claims.
If you are not already registered for the online claims system, you will need to obtain a username and password. To do so, please contact Johnson by phone at 458-1981 or register online at
To register for direct deposit, simply send a VOID cheque by mail to Johnson or call the office to provide your banking information. Scanning and sending sensitive information via email is not recommended.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Johnson Inc. at 458-1981 or



Currently, the Long-Term Disability (LTD) plan provided by the NBTF Group Insurance Trustees contains a stipulation where any LTD benefits for a Mental/Nervous condition are limited to 24 months.  

Last year, as a result of a legal challenge, Manulife Financial notified the Group Insurance Trustees that, effective June 1, 2021, the 24-month restriction must be removed from the plan. This means that if you become disabled from a Mental/Nervous condition on or after June 1, 2021, your claim could continue to age 65, subject to policy provisions. The Group Insurance Trustees subsequently examined numerous alternatives available to provide the best coverage for our members as well as ensure the future financial viability of the LTD plan.  

After careful consideration, the Group Insurance Trustees decided on a course of action which was presented to the NBTF Board of Directors during the February meeting.  After serious discussions, your Board of Directors passed a motion to accept the course of action recommended by the Group Insurance Trustees. The following information summarizes the upcoming changes to the LTD plan, followed by a series of questions and answers.



Each year, the New Brunswick Dental Society sets the fees for dental procedures in a guide. Typically, the cost increase per year is between 2% and 3%. That increase has an impact on the claims costs, which increase by the same percentage. The Group Insurance Trustees decided to implement the 2021 fee guide for the 2021 renewal. Without the new fee upgrade, the plan would have only reimbursed amounts based on the 2020 fee guide. Members would have had to pay the extra amount out of pocket, in addition to the 20% co-payment.

There are two fee guides in New Brunswick: one for general practitioners and one for specialists, who charge more for their services. The NBTF Group Insurance Plan, unlike some other group insurance plans, covers the extra fees that specialists charge for their services.

It is also important to note that the fee structure published each year by the NB Dental Society is only a guide; dentists sometimes charge more than the indicated amount. When that happens, the member pays the surcharge. If this happens to you, you can ask the dental office why they are charging more than the fee guide amounts set out by their professional association, and request that you only be charged the set amount. 

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