Trustees’ Newsletter – October 2020

Trustees Oct2020

The NBTF Group Insurance Trustees care about your health!

Welcome to the new edition of the NBTF Group Insurance Trustees’ Health Challenge.

This pandemic, in which we have been evolving over the last seven months, has forced us all to rethink our health strategies. It has also shown us, more than ever, the importance to balance our professional, personal and social lives and their impact on our physical health and overall well-being.

We therefore invite our members to share their strategies for a better overall health, at work or at home, through a short testimonial. This can be provided in a text or a video format. A testimonial will be selected and will be published in our next Trustees’ newsletter. 

The person selected will receive a $150 gift card of their choice.

Also, each month, from October to April, we will draw a $75 gift card among all of those who will have submitted a testimonial. 

RubanRoseOctober: Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Simple gestures of self-examination and encouragement of other women you love are ways to help reduce the number of deaths related to this disease.

YOUR CHALLENGE: Send a text message to 3 women you know to stress the importance of breast self-examination. Tell them how important they are to you!

To learn more about breast cancer, please visit the Canadian Breast Cancer Society.

Travel Insurance and COVID-19

We have received several questions regarding the emergency travel insurance coverage for travel outside the province of New Brunswick.

First, we wish to reiterate that as of now, COVID-19 illnesses are not excluded as a covered condition under your travel insurance if you contract the illness while travelling outside of NB. 

A claim for COVID-19 will be treated the same as any other unexpected illness you may experience while travelling. However, the standard pre-existing medical stability clause also applies to COVID-19, and if you have tested positive in the 90 days preceding your departure date, any future COVID-19 claims while travelling may not be covered. We do not have any expectation that this will change, but if it does in the future, we will communicate this immediately.

Since the opening of the Atlantic Bubble, questions have arisen regarding travel insurance coverage if any illness is experienced while travelling to another province. All four Atlantic provinces have reciprocal arrangements in place so that if you become ill and require a visit to a doctor or hospital, you will not be required to pay any medical bills, nor will you have to contact Allianz to file a claim. The province you have travelled to will bill NB Medicare behind the scenes. This holds true for all Canadian provinces, with the exception of Quebec, where some services may not be covered by their provincial medicare system.

If you are planning on travelling outside Canada, we suggest that you consult the Canada Travel Advisory website before booking any travel. These are advisories, and please note that Manulife Financial has not excluded coverage for these locations.  

Johnson Insurance also sells an individual travel insurance called MEDOC, and this program has nothing to do with the NBTF Group Insurance Plan.

Please contact Johnson directly for all questions or concerns at 1-888-851-5500 or

Message from Johnson Insurance

Coming soon: Johnson’s Members Only website is changing to ‘My Insurance’. The new site will provide a more modern user experience, enhanced security features and easier access to your policy details. If you are currently registered for Members Only, keep an eye out for a personal email message from Johnson Insurance in the coming weeks with more details on the site and how to register. If you aren’t registered, go to, and click on ‘My Insurance’.


Employees and Family Assistance Program (EFAP)

Coaching - Counselling - Support

Since July 29, 2020, Homewood Health is the new service provider for your EFAP. The EFAP is a confidential program offered by your employer with no cost to you the employee. The EFAP provides counselling, coaching and online services to support you and your immediate family members to find solutions in dealing with life’s challenges.

1 866 398-9505

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