Message from your Co-Presidents

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We recognize that since the announcement of teachers returning to school buildings, many of our members have experienced uncertainty, anxiety, or frustration pertaining to June expectations and the as-yet unreleased plan for learning in September. Further, these emotions continue to be heightened by the reality of long, medium, and short-term consequences of the pandemic.

Your Co-Presidents and the staff members at the NBTA, AEFNB and NBTF are in constant communication with key stakeholders and decision makers and every effort is being made to obtain the clear, accurate, and timely information required by our members to meet year-end expectations and to prepare for learning in September. Priority issues identified throughout the membership include:

  • What will the planned school day in September look like across the system?  When will this model be released to teachers?
  • Will the curriculum outcomes K-12 be adjusted for September? When will this information be available?
  • How will the September plan for learning address inclusionary practices K-12?
  • How will professional learning for online instruction be shared in a timely and effective manner?
  • How are the two education sectors working together to achieve comparable workloads for teachers while upholding duality and the Collective Agreement?

We are aware that responses to the priority issues above are of critical importance to the membership. Our daily interactions with government and district representatives constantly reinforce the necessity of communicating decisions to teachers immediately. Despite repeated requests, no comprehensive plan has been proposed by the employer.

We will continue to voice the concerns of the collective membership and we will update you on new developments as they become available.

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