Communiqué – Mandatory Vaccination Policy


October 6, 2021
** This communiqué was sent to all NBTF Members via email.**

Communiqué – Mandatory Vaccination Policy

Yesterday, the Province of New Brunswick amended its vaccination policy to require all employees (teachers) to be fully vaccinated by November 19th or be ordered home on a leave of absence without pay.

On the basis of the legal advice we continue to receive, the NBTF does not intend to challenge the employer’s right to implement mandatory vaccination to its employees (teachers), providing that sufficient notice and time to comply has been given. No additional action is required for members who have confirmed a full vaccination status with their employer.

In the event a member would not yet be fully vaccinated, the only exception to this measure relates to medical exemptions. These exemptions are expected to be rare and require the presentation of medical information. Members who seek an exemption to the directive due to a medical condition should contact Caroline Foisy, Deputy Executive Director at the NBTF, as these concerns will have to be dealt with individually. –

Members are further advised that there are no legal grounds to refuse vaccination on the basis of religious or personal beliefs and you are directed to the Human Rights Commission of New Brunswick press release dated Sept. 29, 2021 for further information on that issue.

Understanding that this is an incredibly difficult time for members. It is critical that we maintain mutual respect, understanding, and empathy as we move forward together in this pandemic.

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