Communiqué – Supervised Group Testing


September 14, 2021
**This communiqué was sent to all NBTF Members via Email**

Communiqué – Supervised Group Testing


In previous communications, the NBTF stated that in the context of a pandemic, the employer’s policy on vaccination was reasonable and that the employer was entitled to impose additional measures on those who do not demonstrate proof of vaccination.

That being said, teachers should be able to expect that the confidentiality of information and their privacy surrounding this vaccination status is maintained, which is not the case with the implementation by the employer of grouped testing in the workplace or supervision by colleagues. This appears to be a tactic to divide members and expose them to the public eye.

The NBTF considers these actions to be in bad faith and in violation of the collective agreement. The NBTF is asking that teachers be given the same protection afforded to other public sector employees who are trusted to do their testing at home in order to preserve the confidentiality of their medical information.

Therefore, the NBTF has decided to take legal action to have this situation rectified. Teachers who are subject to such measures (workplace testing) are encouraged to contact the NBTF at in order to verify the possibility of a grievance being filed on their behalf and to obtain more information.


Kerry Leopkey
NBTF Executive Director

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