Your NBTF Newsletter – December 2023


 New to the Profession?

Whether you are a new teacher or a supply teacher, you are now part of a union of professionals that is here to serve you. Did you know that there is a wealth of information on our members-only website regarding your working conditions? All you need to do is contact and request a member account. We’ll be happy to create your profile, giving you access to more information on all of our services!

 Secondment and Leave Without Pay

The following document contains important information regarding which terms and conditions apply when you accept a secondment agreement or a leave without pay.

We strongly recommend that you contact the NBTF before signing an agreement in order to make an informed decision. Click here to download Secondments and Leave Witout Pay

 Interpretation of Changes to Article 32.07

During the last round of negotiations, Article 32.07 (personal day) was amended. The main changes are as follows: 

  • Teachers under contract B and contract D (full-time and for a full school year) are entitled to this day off.
  • The personal day must be taken during the current school year, however, if, and only if, the employer refuses your request, it can be  carried over to the following year (a maximum of one day can be carried over to the next school year).
  • This day cannot be granted to extend a leave, and is subject to operational requirements.

 Call for Nominations

Prix Wn AwardThe NBTF Board of Directors is seeking nominations for the Wayne Nightingale Achievement Award. This award is created to recognize and honour a person (or persons) who has (or have) demonstrated an outstanding contribution to the NBTF.   Do you have someone in mind? Click here for more information or to nominate someone! 


 Coming Up in the New Year

Nbtf Nov Zoom (1)If there is one thing we learned during negotiations, it is that members want to gain better understanding of our role and to know what we can do to help and assist them.

Starting in 2024, we will offer virtual sessions to inform the membership about different syndical topics and to answer their questions. Stay tuned for an invitation to participate!



Have you participated in one (or many!) of the lemon rallies held last spring? Are you a Branch Director? A School Rep? A member that voted on your Collective Agreement?  

When we called on you during the negotiations period, you showed up. Whether you took action by planning the logistics of a local rally, organizing a school event such as “Lemonade and Lemon Square Day,” or even simply wore the lemon button for “Lemon Button Day,” your active participation in those initiatives gave us the momentum we needed to get the job done. You rose to the occasion, you expressed yourselves, and your voices were heard.

The NBTF Negotiations Team and Strategies Committee sincerely thank you!

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