Newsletter – March 2018

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1. Settlement of the Absence Management Grievance

In October 2015, the NBTF filed a grievance following the implementation of the program “In Education, Every Day Counts.” While the Employer has the right to manage employee attendance, the NBTF had concerns with regard to the implementation of the program and its content. Since the grievance was filed, NBTF representatives have held several meetings with the Employer and some changes have been made. As a result of these positive changes, the NBTF decided to withdraw the grievance. Here are elements agreed upon by both parties in order to resolve the dispute:
  1. Leave for medical appointments is not calculated as part of the attendance management program and teachers may use sick leave, as indicated in the joint interpretation of Article 31.10 of the Collective Agreement.
  2. Medical information requested as part of the program shall be paid for by the Employer.
  3. Administrators no longer need to send a detailed report of their meetings with teachers. However, the form documenting the meeting that took place shall be shared with the district when requested. This form shall include, at a minimum, the employee’s name, the school name, the date of the conversation, and indicates the list provided has been discussed with the teacher.
  4. The union is now a recognized partner in the program.
  5. Should a medical appointment be scheduled on a day when the school is closed, a sick leave day is not deducted from the teacher’s bank, as agreed by the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development in June 2017.
  6. Participation is on a voluntary basis, as was the program’s intention.
It is important to remind you that the program is still in effect. School Administrators must continue to meet with teachers who have 5 or more sick days, but the information to be sent to the district is minimal. Further, after 10 days of absence, a referral is automatically made to the case management (Manulife) for additional support. This program remains voluntary and there is no obligation for teachers to participate. For more information, do not hesitate to contact Caroline Foisy at 506-452-1763.



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