NBTF Newsletter – October 2021

Nbtf Newsletter Oct2021

// Reassignments and Leaves Related to COVID-19

The NBTF is still receiving numerous questions regarding leave and reassignment in connection with COVID-19. Here is a reminder of what applies in each situation.

Reassignment with pay of teachers who need to self-isolate during COVID-19 period

A teacher, who is required to remain at home due to self-isolation in relation to COVID-19 based on the criteria established by NB Public Health, will be reassigned home with pay for the period of self-isolation. The teacher must immediately notify their supervisor of their absence and its required length.

A teacher who is directed by NB Public Health to self-isolate and is reassigned home with pay shall request to be tested for COVID-19 and follow Public Health advice.

  • If the test comes back negative, the teacher is expected to return to school in accordance with Public Health recommendations.  A teacher who is not feeling well, and is unable to return to school will be considered to be on sick leave.
  • If the test comes back positive, the teacher shall use his/her sick leave until he/she is cleared by a health professional to return to school.

While reassigned home with pay, the employer may ask the teacher to work remotely. Examples of remote work include preparation, marking, touching base with a supply teacher, engage in student learning during the hours of instruction to the extent possible, professional development and other assigned duties as agreed between the teacher and the supervisor.

Teachers who must self-isolate because they travelled outside the scope of the travel exemptions (as per mandatory order) for non-work-related reasons after travel advisory was put in place will use leave without pay.

Teachers who have already taken sick leave or a leave without pay due to COVID-19 during this school year can contact the NBTF to rectify the situation, if applicable.

To know which person is responsible for your district, please click here.

Leaves to care for a child who needs to self-isolate during the COVID-19 period

A teacher, who is required to remain at home with his/her child due to self-isolation, class or school closures related to COVID-19, after making all reasonable efforts to make alternate childcare arrangements, will be permitted to use the following benefits, in this order:

  1. Family Responsibility Day (Article 32.07);
  2. Maximum of three (3) days with pay (Article 32.03) for every occasion;
  3. Maximum of two (2) sick days with pay.

*If both parents are teachers, only one parent at a time will be on leave.
*The employer will maintain the right to request appropriate medical information to justify these absences.

Long-term supply assignment

When a long-term supply teacher is required to remain at home due to self-isolation or required to remain at home with his/her child due to self-isolation related to COVID-19, based on the criteria established by NB Public Health, those days will be without pay, and there will be no break in service.

// Medical Exemptions for Vaccination

Although this may apply to a very limited number of members, teachers who feel they have a medical condition requiring an exemption from the COVID-19 vaccination prior to November 19, 2021, but have not yet been able to obtain a Medical Certificate of Exemption should review the following information:

If your physician considers that there is a real contraindication for you to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, he or she may request further consultation on rare exceptional circumstances by email at and include in the subject line: Medical Exemption.

If you are without a family physician or specialist and believe you are eligible for a medical exemption, you may contact the COVID information line at 1-844-462-8387 or by email at

//  Family Responsibility Day

Teachers may be granted one day’s leave with pay for family responsibility. Requests must be submitted in advance, before the end of the school year.

Article 32.07: “Effective September 1, 2014, a teacher while employed as a full-time teacher in the public schools of New Brunswick may be granted one (1) day’s leave with pay per school year for family responsibility reasons. Such paid leave shall not be granted to extend a vacation or holiday period, and this leave shall be subject to operational requirements.”

  • This leave is for the use of all schedule “B” full-time teachers (1.0 FTE).
  • Teachers who are on a deferred leave or preretirement leave can access this leave as long as they are a full-time B contract teacher.
  • Teachers are entitled to one full day or two half days per year.
  • Leave under article 32.07 does not accumulate year over year.
  • Teachers are not permitted to take this leave on days when Professional Development or Parent Teacher Interviews have been scheduled.
  • Leave under this article is not to be used to extend a vacation or a holiday period; however, it can be used following a leave with or without pay. Leave without pay remains at the discretion of the employer.
  • Whenever possible, teachers should give at least three days’ notice when requesting this leave.
  • The employer will exercise discretion in deciding who is approved if a number of teachers in the same school request the same day.

Teachers who are requesting this leave are not required to provide a reason as to why they are making the request, but simply state that they are requesting it under Article 32.07.

We would also like to remind teachers not to make any reservations/plans until the approval is given by the school district to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

NOTE: Teachers on leave as per Article 32.07 on a day when the school is closed as per Article 16.02(a) (inclement weather) will be considered as having used their day for that year.

For other questions related to this subject, please contact the NBTF at 1-888-679-7044.

// Educational Leave

As per Article 37 of the Collective Agreement, an educational leave may be granted to a teacher wishing to devote up to a year’s study or study/travel for purposes of retraining, specialization or professional growth.

All applications must be received no later than Friday, November 1, 2021.

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