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Use of Communication Devices in the Workplace

Teachers’ Rights
The NBTF had requested a legal opinion in January 2020, regarding the use of personal mobile phone.
The opinion received was clear that any teacher or school administrator who choses to use their personal device (mobile, tablet or computer) to communicate regarding work-related matters, whether they are subsidized or not by the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (DEECD) have the following rights: 

  • Employees have a reasonable expectation of privacy on a personal device. As a result, the DEECD is not entitled to seize and search a mobile device owned privately by an employee, regardless of whether the cell phone plan is subsidized by the DEECD. 
  • Employee communications on private matters, not related to work, which are made on private devices will not be considered to be in the custody or under the control of the DEECD. As a result, they will not be subject to RTIPPA, regardless of whether the employee’s cell phone plan is subsidized by the Employer. 
  • Employee communications regarding work-related matters will be considered to be under the control of the DEECD and will be subject to the Right to Information and Protection of Privacy Act (RTIPPA), regardless of whether the communication is made through a personal mobile or a mobile subsidized by the Employer. In practice, we would expect the employer to request the employee to search their device for the work-related records listed in the request. We would not expect the employer to search the device. 

Note that a teacher is never required to use their personal devices for work-related tasks or responsibilities. The employer must provide teachers with all necessary equipment to do what is expected from them.

Important Information

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Best Practices for Supply Teachers Contact Person for Maternity and Parental Leaves
Supply teachers are a critical resource for the successful operations in our schools. In order to ensure a positive experience of the classroom, the NBTF has looked into a series of best practices.

Here are a few tips to read or share with colleagues:

  • Take the time to visit the schools where you would like to work as a supply teacher and introduce yourself to the principal so they know who you are.
  • In order to avoid stress, learn how to manage your time. For example, get up early each morning and get ready just in case you are called at the last minute to replace an absent teacher.

Supply teachers are encouraged to reach out to the NBTF at 1-888-679-7044 should they have questions or concerns.

Ms. Janice Freeze is joining the NBTF team on a part-time basis to handle maternity and parental leave requests.

Members who have questions regarding these leaves can contact Janice by email at or by phone at 506 452-8921 or 1 888 679-7044.

Available work hours:

  • Every Monday from 8:00 am to Noon
  • Every Wednesday from Noon to 4:00 pm

Please visit the NBTF Maternity and Parental Leave Web page to find useful information specific to teachers.

Read More → Maternity and Parental Leaves →

Website Password Reset

In an effort to ensure secure access to the NBTF members-only website, and to address some technical issues experienced by members, we are planning a password reset.

With this reset, members will be able to connect using their email address and will be required to chose their own secure password. Birthdates will no longer be assigned or used as passwords to access our Members Only Website.

The week of October 31st, 2022, all members that currently have access to the NBTF Website will receive an email from WordPress with the subject line “(New Brunswick Teachers’ Federation) Password Reset”.

Please follow the link within the email to chose your unique and secure password.

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