Newsletter – April 2019

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// Recall Rights

In any school district where a layoff is necessary, the Schedule B teacher with the least seniority in that School District shall be laid off before any other teacher in that School District providing the remaining staff is capable of satisfactorily fulfilling the requirements of the positions to be maintained in the District.

A Schedule B teacher to be laid off shall receive a written notice to that effect by registered mail or by personal service from the Superintendent or delegated designate. Such notice shall normally be served on or before June 1st and contain the reasons necessitating the layoff.

Teachers employed under short-term contracts (Schedule D contracts) who lose their positions because their contracts expire shall have the same rights and responsibilities as laid-off teachers; however, laid-off teachers who held Schedule B contracts shall have the right to apply and be considered first for any positions available.

The teacher’s name will be placed on the recall list, and the teachers will be considered for future Schedule D or B contracts for which they are qualified. The maximum recall period for Schedule B or Schedule D laid-off teachers shall be (18) eighteen months.

It is the responsibility of a part-time Schedule B contract teacher and a laid-off teacher to keep his/her Superintendent or delegated designate aware of his/her availability for positions.

When teaching positions become available, the Superintendent or delegated designate shall first notify teachers laid off by that District and these teachers shall be given the opportunity to apply for the positions.  Such notification shall be in writing by registered mail or personal service.  Within a reasonable period of time of the serving of such notice to laid-off teachers, if none of the laid-off teachers either applied in writing or, if none who has applied is capable of satisfactorily fulfilling the requirements, the School District may issue a general call for applications for the positions still available.

It is important to note that some teaching contracts awarded to substitute teachers under the Collective Agreement do not afford recall rights. These are Schedule D contracts with terms that lasted less than 4 months, part-time Schedule D contracts that were less than 0.33% of an FTE, Schedule C (Local Permits), Schedule E (Special Term Contracts), and Schedule L (Certificate I, II and III Replacement Teachers).

// Additional Teaching Positions

In accordance with the Letter of Agreement Research Project – Hours of Instruction for K-2, the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development funded an additional 196 FTEs (B contracts assigned to schools) for the 2018-19 school year. These teaching positions are beyond the number of teachers usually required by the Collective Agreement and are designed to meet the specific needs of the classroom composition. As per the Letter of Agreement, the government provided FENB with a detailed breakdown of FTEs as of February 1, 2019.

It is also important to note that the Letter of Agreement provides that, for the duration of the collective agreement, the number of FTEs for teaching positions will not be less than the number of FTEs as of September 20, 2016, regardless of fluctuations in the student population.

// Parental Leave

Changes to parental leave under EI (Employment Insurance)
There are now two (2) options available for parents of a newborn or newly adopted child:

Standard parental
35 weeks of standard benefits
up to $562
Extended parental
61 weeks of extended benefits
up to $337
Once you start receiving parental benefits, you cannot change options. If sharing benefits, each parent must choose the same option and submit their own application. Parents can receive their benefits at the same time or one after the other.

On March 17, 2019, a new option became available for parents sharing benefits:

  • 5 extra weeks of standard parental benefits, or
  • 8 extra weeks of extended parental benefits.
If you have questions on maternity, paternity or parental leave, please contact Josée Gionet at
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