Role of the School Representative

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NBTA School representatives or school reps perform essential roles within the organization (NBTA). School reps are the voice of ALL the teachers of their school (including administrators) at NBTA Branch School Rep Council meetings, bringing forward issues and concerns. They also assist in the decision-making of the NBTA Branch by participating in the discussions and voting at these meetings, taking into account the best interests of the profession and teachers in general, not just those of their schools. The role of the NBTA School Rep in the branch is similar to that of the NBTA Branch Director at the provincial level.

Essentially, NBTA School Reps are conduits for information to and from the NBTA / NBTF. They distribute, gather and submit certain forms, emails and publications and assist the NBTA in maintaining an accurate database. They welcome and offer to assist new staff.

Important Clarification: The role of the NBTA School Rep is not the same as that of a CUPE union shop steward. School reps do not represent teachers in issues related to working conditions or vis-a-vis issues that are under the school administration’s authority or the employer’s. They are not expected to provide any advice on issues related to the Collective Agreement. In fact, the NBTF would caution school reps in doing this as this may cause further issues. Instead, NBTA School reps are encouraged to assist teachers in finding where to obtain the information they need. This may be accomplished by referring a teacher to a certain document / publication / website or suggesting he or she contact a member of the NBTA or NBTF Staff 1-888-679-7044.

NBTA Branch Rep Council

Bring forward from your school:

  • Participate in discussions and decision-making related to your NBTA Branch
  • Participate in discussions and decision-making related to your NBTA Branch
  • Assist in planning NBTA Branch events• May serve on a NBTA Branch Committee
  • Take notes, obtain copies of minutes or NBTA reports

After NBTA Rep Council

  • Report back to the teachers in your school• Report back to the teachers in your school
  • Share information from NBTA Branch Rep Council or obtained by the NBTA / NBTF
  • Create an e-mail distribution list. Essential in transmitting information• Ask school administration for time at staff meetings to share information
  • Encourage participation in NBTA / NBTF events
  • Distribute NBTA and NBTF News, mailings – display posters, calendars – facilitate NBTA elections

For Teachers
You may not know the answer but you can help teachers find it.

  • Refer teachers to for all matters related to the NBTF Collective Agreement
  • Encourage teachers to contact the NBTA / NBTF staff for interpretation or advice at 1-888-679-7044

NBTA and NBTF Database

  • Encourage contract and supply teachers to register online each fall and to keep their information up-to-date.
  • Notify the NBTA of changes to school nominal roll.
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